Sacramento Japanese United Methodist Church, The Garden Church

Summer Worship Schedule

July 25, Kids Camp (VSB) Sunday (10:30am Live Zoom only)

August 1 Guest Speaker – Harvey Mayeda 

August 8 – Guest Speaker – Ryland Fernandez

August 15 – Youth Camp Sunday (10:30am Live Zoom only)

August 22,  Movie series I

August 29, Movie series II

September 5, Movie series III


SJUMC is upgrading its computers!

During the month of July, the Trustees will be focusing on installing and upgrading the office computers and network infrastructure.  This project is quite extensive and will involve an upgraded WiFi network (including another firewall) extending throughout all the buildings (and part of the Multi-Cultural Hall), a new business model with enhanced security practices, a new laptop and computer, and new software.     

The new SJUMC tech team will be preparing a list of people who use the SJUMC computers and which programs they access.  If you are an occasional user of the church’s computer, please let Kimi Ronay know so we have everyone accounted for.  When completed, this project will ensure the church’s computers have the proper security features to protect against attacks or unauthorized access to our network.  

SJUMC will be joining the Triage Circuit!

photography of body of water and mountains

The Greater Sacramento circuits have just been reconfigured.  As a result, the Pentecost Circuit is being split and half the churches will stay in the Pentecost Circuit and the other half (including SJUMC) will be joining the Triage Circuit.  The Annual Conference thanked Rev Motoe Yamada Foor for her outstanding leadership of the Pentecost Circuit over the past 5 years, calling it one of the best circuits in the conference.  The Pentecost Circuit has had many wonderful accomplishments, such as Pentecost in the Park, Advent singing, Online weekly Children’s Worship, Circuit Day online workshop, Rise Against Hunger food packing, and Making Disciples workshops!  The opportunity to join together for these activities strengthened the bonds of fellowship between our churches and helped us all shine our light for Jesus in our communities.  We look forward to the many opportunities for Christian growth and witness that will come through our work with the churches in the Triage circuit.  Stay tuned!

The Triage circuit is led by Pastor Bobby Jones as the Circuit Leader.  The 8 churches in the Triage Circuit include:

Elk Grove                                     Matthew Pearson      
Elk Grove, Point Pleasant            David Samelson, (Assoc.) Viseth Hou
Sacramento, Centennial              Renae Extrum-Fernandez
Sacramento, Chinese                  TBD
Sacramento, Emmanuel              Jose Pedro Cervantes
Sacramento, Florin                      Bobby Jones                            
Sacramento, Hope                      Tekiko Lesuma
Sacramento, Japanese               Motoe Yamada Foor          

New Worship Series, Psalm Reading Program & Summer Prayer Partner

New Worship Series God is Holding Your Life

 “The works of God’s hands are faithful and just.” – Psalm 111

Life is a series of exclamations from “O No!” to “Help!” to “Oh Yeah!” We can swing between disappointment, helplessness, and gratitude on a daily basis. There are also seasons of our lives when we feel inundated with more of one than the others. As we enter the new year, we had hoped we would be past the “O No!” of the last several months. Instead we find ourselves with ongoing prayers for “Help!” The Book of Psalms knows all about this. Written over a span of time from exile and isolation to the rebuilding of the community, the poetry of the Psalms will accompany us in this series, reminding us that through it all, we can trust and even give our thankful “Oh Yeah!” because God is, indeed, holding our lives.

June 20: “These Lives are Precious” – Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14  
June 27: “Awe and Wonder” – Psalm 29
 July 4: “Where Can I Go?” – Psalm 139: 1-18 
July 11: “In God Alone” – Psalm 62: 5-12
 July 18: “The One is Shining Forth” – Psalm 50:1-6 

Sign up for the Daily Psalm Reading Program
 (June 21 to Sept 9)

We are starting a new series, “God Is Holding Our Life” from June 20. One key aspect of this series is a Psalm reading program, which anyone can do! We will plan to read 2 Psalms a day (every day except Sunday), and you can join any time. Once you sign up, you will receive a daily email with the 2 chapters. We hope everyone can participate, at least some of the time, so we can together learn the Psalms as a church. 

You might be surprised at the depth of emotion and difficult circumstances experienced by the psalmists. They wrote about very real circumstances and prayed heartfelt prayers to God from the depths of their soul. We can probably all relate to something that we read in the Psalms. Once you get started, you will be richly blessed as you read and ponder these psalms!

Click here to sign up

Please sign up to for a Sumner prayer partner! 

Some of the examples for prayer partners are: getting together with your prayer partner (by phone) to find out the needs and concerns of your prayer partner. Pray for your prayer partner. Summer Prayer Partner is NOT mandatory.  However because of time like this, we really need prayers!

Some of the examples for prayer partners are
 1. Getting together with your prayer partner to find out the needs and concerns of your prayer partner. 
2. Pray for your prayer partner

Please sign up here (or let Rev. Motoe know that you are interested) 

Sign up for Weekly e-Devotionals!

Devotionals are a great place to find inspiration on your spiritual journey. Different readings and authors encourage you to reflect on the Word of God and make Him a part of your day. You draw near to God, grow spiritually, learn His Word, and gain strength and fellowship. Click HERE to view a sample e-Devotional

To receive e-devotionals each Wednesday, email Mindy Takechi at and provide your email address.

Opportunity to grow deeper: Optional Zoom meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6-7pm to discuss devotionals, share prayer requests, and grow as a community of faith. Facilitated by Mary Nakamura and Mindy Takechi.