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Well, we’re back to purple tier! COVID cases are on the rise again and precautions to prevent further infections have caused the church to again reinstate the following restrictions on use of the church facilities. This also applies to any member with church keys not identified as an essential worker.

• Suspend use of the entire Fellowship building by anyone outside of permitted essential office workers.  

• Anyone who comes to the church must sign in and out at the office (or sign-in sheet on door of MCH or other location) AND call the office to let them know you are on the premises . This is in case future contact tracing is needed. (sign-in sheet shown below)  

• All persons must maintain social distancing (6 feet apart min.) and wear masks properly at all times. (i.e., over the nose, firmly on face)  Cathy Mayeda will be in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Essential office volunteers are allowed following the same protocols.

We thank everyone for your understanding and adherence to these protocols. We continue to pray for everyone’s safety and health until we are able to meet “face-to face” once again!


SJUMC Sign in Procedure
If you belong to a group that is renting the facility, you should have pre-registered with your leader.  Please write in the leader/group name.  For all other persons, please sign in with your name, phone number, arrival date and time, location or destination within the church facility, and then sign out when you leave.  We need this for contact tracing, should an exposure occur.

Advent/Christmas 2020, I Believe Even When

“Raise your voice… raise it; don’t be afraid!”  Isaiah 40:9 

The history of humanity is fraught with pain–especially the pain that comes accompanied by fear and leads to oppression and violence of one people against another. This is the world into which Jesus was born and through which his teachings would challenge and call for transformation. The opening words of an anonymous Jewish poet, “I believe in the sun, even when the sun is not shining,” were scrawled on a wall during the Holocaust. This theme song for our season calls us to examine our penchant for annihilating fear by annihilating each other. The power of narrative and music will call us to a different response–transformation and reconciliation through hope, love, joy, and peace. This Advent and Christmas, let us fill the night with music and light and affirm and act on the reasons why we can still “believe, even when” we are discouraged.

the Circuit Advent small group with Centennial UMC, Saturdays in December, 10am on Zoom

“I Believe Even When…” Documentary Film Festival—What role does singing play in holding a people together? The answer lies in these four films. Mark and Mary Lou Hanzlik host this online series about the power of music in difficult times. For more information contact:

Advent Devotion Booklet Available

Please pick up the advent booklet from the church. Special Drive Through (Nov. 29, Sunday Noon to 1pm)  Drive by the church to pick up a booklet!

Have your Advent candles ready!

This year, we are inviting you to light the advent candles at home during the service.  The advent candles can be 4 simple candles which you can find at home, you can buy them or you can make them. Join us to light candles together!

Children Advent Movie Project

You can watch a movie together as a family each week and discuss it! You can check these out at the library or look for it on the TV during December.A Charlie Brown Christmas – Hope, How the Grinch Stole Christmas – LoveFrosty the Snowman – Joy, The Muppet Christmas Carol – PeaceThe Polar Express – Believe

Gift Card/Script Fundraiser

We are fundraising contact free with our new ShopWithScrip (Gift Card/Scrip) fundraising.  Just in time to buy as gifts for the holidays!

Gift card fundraising is the best way to raise money for our church. Buy gift cards from your favorite brands (Bel Air, Starbucks, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Nordstrom, Macys, Sams Club, Panera, Subway, etc.) to earn on your daily purchases. It’s never been easier to create opportunities for what matters most to you. No extra money spent. No extra time wasted. 

How it works:
Raise money by purchasing gift cards at face value Shop 750+ top brands and immediately earn from 2 to 20% on every gift card you buy. You can easily raise $1,000 or more every year. 

Use gift cards at full value for your daily purchases Earnings come from brands, not from your pocket, so gift cards are worth every penny. Raise money simply by doing everyday things—like grabbing your morning coffee or ordering dinner for the family. 

How to get started

Create an account on theRaiseRight app or at using our organization’s enrollment code: (please contact the office or Kimi Ronay to get the number)

Starting in January 2021, monthly orders to be delivered to the church need to be in by the 10th of the month to be received by the church by the end of the month.We’ve created an easy to follow 3-minute tutorial video to help your participants get started.
 The video walks through how to:

  • Download the app from the app store
  • Enroll in an online account with your organization (remember to provide them with your organization’s enrollment code)
  • Shop for gift cards
  • Set up online payment
  • Have cards shipped right to their home

Here’s a short clip video for the mobile app RaiseRight. You also have the option on the mobile app with some brands to have it mailed to your house for a 50 cents postage fee than 50 cents for each card or buy the eCard with no fee.  Once you have the card, you can reload on most brands therefore no mailing involved.  There is a small fee of 15 cents for checking and 2.6% for credit card.  We will only be accepting orders that are paid by your online account at this time so please do not click the option for the church to pay.

If you have any questions, please contact Kimi Ronay at


JUST IN! Early results from the pledge drive! So far, 58 pledges have been turned in both online and by mail! (Thank you!) We’re getting there but we have a ways to go to knock out the anticipated $38,000 2021 budget deficit exacerbated by the pandemic’s shutting down of our church facilities and activities.

The General Fund (operations and salaries) needs your help! If you already pledged to the Improvement and Kingdom funds (which are both healthy), it would be of great service to the church if you would consider switching your designation to the General Fund. Please contact Kimi Ronay at who will gratefully assist you. Also, for those still waiting, it’s absolutely not too late to turn in your 2021 pledges! Together, we can do this!  (Online Pledge Card here)

We are also so grateful for the $6,769 online donations received during August and September! 30 givers have used the platform to date! Thank you so much for trusting and embracing this new way of giving!

With gratitude,
Your Stewardship Committee

Anti-Racism 101 Course

Centennial UMC invites the circuit people to take the online GCORR ( General Commission on Religion and Race) Anti-Racism 101. It costs $39.99 online. The course is quick, and powerful. Then you will join the debrief ZOOM after module 1, after module 2, and at the end of the course. The first zoom will scheduled a mid-November.  If you are interested in taking the class, please let Rev. Motoe know.  

Here is the link to the course: