Sunday Worship at 10:30am (In Person)

Please check in with the Welcome Table for attendance. We are able to worship together in the Sanctuary/Fireside Room.

The Guidelines:   
The State of California rescinded the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as of February 28, 2023.  SJUMC Church Council adopts this policy as of March 21, 2023. Masks are optional in all areas of the church. This does not prevent various groups within the church and facility users from electing to require masks for their members. COVID is still highly contagious and testing is advised if feeling ill or exposed to someone who is COVID positive. To protect others and oneself, wearing a mask is then advisable. Please stay home if feeling ill and/or testing positive for at least 5 days and 24 hours with no fever.


One Comment on “Sunday Worship at 10:30am (In Person)

  1. Today I attended a country line dance class with Vicki.
    While at the church, I was very impressed by the social distancing in the seating arrangements in the pews of your church.
    I am also impressed by your masking requirement – especially with the increased transmission of the delta variant. Since unmasked vaccinated people can transmit the delta variant of the coronavirus (and probably all future variants), I applaud your health conscious decision to require masks. I have been to other churches where masking is not required.
    Thank you for allowing us to safely exercise and dance.

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