Sunday Worship at 10:30am (in Person)

We are able to worship together in the Sanctuary/Fireside Room (25% capacity, up to  75 people).  

This is a modified service because we are observing the following protocol approved by our District Superintendent and our Health and Wellness group:

Please wear a mask at all times
The pews will be marked so we can maintain social distance between families/households
No singing out loud (singing in your heart is always welcome!)
No fellowship time before/after (no food allowed in the church at this time)
The worship service will be 30 minutes long

The Pastor will be speaking at the pulpit behind a plexiglass shield, and will remove her mask so you can hear her more easily

Although you do not need to make a reservation for the inside seating (like you did for the outside service), we are asking that you please register (one time only) either online Click Here or fill out the form at the Welcome Table.  There is new information on the registration form, so everyone will need to register the first time attending an inside worship service, including those who have been attending the outside worship services.

The Guidelines   
The registration form includes a word about risk and responsibility when you come to the church.  Please take a moment to read this before entering the church.

    If you or a member of your household has symptoms of any illness (cough, fever of any level, difficulty breathing), seek medical assistance and STAY HOME.

    The receptionist will check your temperature when you arrive, and will ask you a few questions related to COVID 19 symptoms.  After this, an usher will escort you to your seat.

    Restroom facilities will not be open except for emergency use only

    Plan to wear a face mask and maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times.

    Unless children can sit still on a chair for 30 minutes during the service, we discourage children from attending at this time to keep the social distance.  

One Comment on “Sunday Worship at 10:30am (in Person)

  1. Today I attended a country line dance class with Vicki.
    While at the church, I was very impressed by the social distancing in the seating arrangements in the pews of your church.
    I am also impressed by your masking requirement – especially with the increased transmission of the delta variant. Since unmasked vaccinated people can transmit the delta variant of the coronavirus (and probably all future variants), I applaud your health conscious decision to require masks. I have been to other churches where masking is not required.
    Thank you for allowing us to safely exercise and dance.

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