Advent/Christmas 2022 at SJUMC

Advent/Christmas 2022 Worship

“Do not be afraid.” — As we look at the stories of the angels to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds and their reactions to them, we will contemplate what messages we can offer!

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November 27
 “Make Ready a People: #morehope“
 Luke 1: 5-25, 57-80 

December 4
 “Nothing Is Impossible: #morepeace”
 Luke 1: 26-56

December 11
 “Do Not Be Afraid: #morejoy”
 Matthew 1: 18-25 

December 18
 “This Will Be a Sign: #morelove”
 Luke 1: 26-56

December 24
 Luke 2:14 

December 25
 “Entertaining Angels: #morehospitality”
 Hebrews 13: 1-2

Angels Among Us small group has been cancelled.

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