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June Act of Kindness Project 

Celebrating Act of Kindness during Father’s Day, June 19th.  We have an opportunity to promote Acts of Kindness on this holiday to help others and honor the fathers and others who have supported us.  Please bring a donation in honor of Fathers, which will then be given to SSIP to be distributed to those in need.  A win – win for all of us.  The kickoff date is June 12th.  All items given will be donated to SSIP.  

Are you amazed how people are behaving and interacting with others in demeaning and cruel manners? The rhetoric that is being heard throughout the United States has become vitriolic especially when it comes to politics. Elections, vaccine mandates, proposals for gun reforms, police actions, controversies regarding abortions have polarized our nation. People are acting out through bullying, road rage, and violence towards institutions and individuals.

Adam Hamilton, the pastor of the Church of the Resurrection (COR) noted that negative behavior has also entered denominational conversations and as Christians we should do what Jesus has asked of us when he stated in the Sermon on the Mount, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You must love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who harass you so that you will be acting as children of your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:43-45).

The members of our church who attended COR’s Leadership Institute in October voted to focus on two themes for 2022, one of which is the Love Your Neighbor/Kindness campaign.

Lenten Passport Click Here – it has daily act of kindness examples and testimonies

If you would like to receive the lenten passport, please contact the office, then we can mail one for you.

Here are some plans!

  • Love your Neighbor Sermons, Feb. 20th & 27th
  • Daily act of Kindness (during Lent)
  • 7 written testimonies
  • Love your neighbor business cards
  • Sticker of Love your neighbors
  • T-shirts
  • Once a month love our neighbor report
  • Summer Events (acts of kindness)
  • Yard signs

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