Want to join a small group this Fall?

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a “follower” of Jesus?

Our vision is “Loving God, Serving Others, Transforming Lives” but have you wondered what more you could do to love God? The early followers of Jesus spent time gathering together to draw close to God and learn more about God’s plan for their lives. This fall at SJUMC, we invite you to take another step of faith beyond attending worship and try out a small group. Please review the list below and contact the coordinator if you wish to sign up or have questions. Make a commitment to God to grow in faith and encourage a friend to join you. All of our groups are confidential and each group member is asked to abide by a small group covenant in order to create a safe place for everyone to share.

Small Group study for the Older Adult Ministry
Date and Time: To be determined
In person or Zoom: To be determined
Name of book: Finishing Well
$8.00 can be purchased from Arlene Hagiya
Contact persons: 
Arlene Hagiya: hagiya@sbcglobal.net or 916-942-9683
Gloria Imagire: imaglo@att.net or 916-955-6563
Description: This Bible Study Series will help you to chart the course of aging well. You will interact with a thoughtful process of how you can maximize the years you have left. These studies will allow you to explore new ways God may want you to live your life. You have much to offer others, especially younger people. So now is the time to start the adventure of aging well!

Caring for One Another Group
2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, 6:00 -7:00 p.m.

In person or Zoom: Meets on Zoom
Material: Mindy will email a weekly devotional each Wednesday.
Contact persons: 
Mindy Takechi: hpyhrts4@gmail.com
Mary Nakamura: marynakamura@frontiernet.net
Description: An intentional gathering, meeting regularly, for the purpose of drawing near to God, as we care for and support one another in our daily walk with Christ. This group is focused on prayer, encouragement, and growing in faith.

Spirit Within Small Group
1st Thursday of the month, 7:00-8:00 p.m.

In person or Zoom: Meets on Zoom
Material: Mindy will email a weekly devotional each Wednesday.
Contact person: Mindy Takechi (hpyhrts4@gmail.com)
Description: For women and men (approximate age 50-70 year old) with the purpose of checking in with each other, drawing near to God, and supporting one another in a community of faith.

Christians and Racial Justice –Sojourner Small Group
Every other Sunday from 1 – 2 pm (10/3, 10/17, 10/31, 11/14)

In person or Zoom: Meets on Zoom
Material available for free download here: https://www.cnumc.org/files/tables/content/14286778/fields/files/54722e11c2c84ae8926c2882f2d8632c/dg_racialjustice+copy.pdf
Contact person: Mary Nakamura (marynakamura@frontiernet.net)
Description: This series is designed to spark discussion and thought about how to live out God’s call for justice in our world. This guide includes four sessions, each with Sojourners articles, questions for discussion, and ideas for further study.  Please read the materials prior to each session and come with an open heart and mind to listen to the Holy Spirit and to one another. No prior knowledge of racial justice is required.

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