Health and Wellness Team Updates

The “new normal” has arrived! As we return to in-person facilities usage of SJUMC, the Health and Wellness Committee met to develop guidelines and protocols for the period from June 15 through August 31, 2021. It is imperative that we continue to ensure the health and wellness of all members and facility users to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and avoid a resurgence of the virus. As such, we will only return to rental and usage of facilities by church members and previous known users and renters. The State of California and the County of Sacramento requirements are considered in our decisions:  


INDOORS:  50% occupancy of indoor spaces will be allowed. Masks are required to be worn at all times indoors.  No eating is allowed indoors. Food may be individually packaged and distributed indoors for outdoor consumption. No buffet-style service allowed.

OUTDOORS:  No masks are required outdoors.  Maintain three-foot social distancing as much as possible. Eating outdoors is allowed if food is pre-packaged

WORSHIP:  May respond to Call and Reponse and say the Lord’s Prayer through mask. No singing is allowed as of yet.

FELLOWSHIP:  Gathering outside for fellowship after worship will begin June 20, 2021 without food or drink, observing three-foot social distancing.

ACTIVITIES:  Exercise and other groups can choose to stay outdoors and do activity without masks or move indoors and wear masks. Maintain the three-foot social distancing outdoors without masks.

FOOD SALES:  Food service/sales will be limited to take-out, individually packaged servings. No exchange of money is allowed. Payment in advance online or by mail.


  • Hand washing/sanitizing and face masks shall be required when gathering indoors.  As vaccination is a personal decision that we cannot require or ask people to disclose or prove, we must err on the side of safety, especially for those not yet able to get vaccinations or the vulnerable.
  • Temperatures may be taken upon entering for indoor or outdoor activities. Participants should monitor their own temperatures and choose not to attend if it is above normal.
  • Sign-in for contact tracing may be taken.

In an attempt to anticipate health and safety situations for the known upcoming activities, the above guideline is but a template.  Should a COVID-19 surge occur, all events and activities will be re-examined and protocols likely tightened.

We look forward to seeing you in-person again! 

Your Health and Wellness Committee: Eric Hirata, Rev. Motoe Yamada Foor, Sue Coddington Allen, Kimi Ronay, Gloria Imagire, Elaine Maeda, Dale Fong, Kathy Marquardt, Jayne Muraki Rasmussen

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