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Well, we’re back to purple tier! COVID cases are on the rise again and precautions to prevent further infections have caused the church to again reinstate the following restrictions on use of the church facilities. This also applies to any member with church keys not identified as an essential worker.

• Suspend use of the entire Fellowship building by anyone outside of permitted essential office workers.  

• Anyone who comes to the church must sign in and out at the office (or sign-in sheet on door of MCH or other location) AND call the office to let them know you are on the premises . This is in case future contact tracing is needed. (sign-in sheet shown below)  

• All persons must maintain social distancing (6 feet apart min.) and wear masks properly at all times. (i.e., over the nose, firmly on face)  Cathy Mayeda will be in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Essential office volunteers are allowed following the same protocols.

We thank everyone for your understanding and adherence to these protocols. We continue to pray for everyone’s safety and health until we are able to meet “face-to face” once again!


SJUMC Sign in Procedure
If you belong to a group that is renting the facility, you should have pre-registered with your leader.  Please write in the leader/group name.  For all other persons, please sign in with your name, phone number, arrival date and time, location or destination within the church facility, and then sign out when you leave.  We need this for contact tracing, should an exposure occur.

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