Loving Large Worship Series (Oct. 11, 25, Nov. 1 & 8)

This four-week series is about loving. Loving large. Not just talking about it, but doing it. It will involve loving God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind. And this love for God will be closely linked with loving people in a way that is a lot like how you love yourself. Jesus wanted us to infuse our world with a love that we have received and learned from God. This kind of love can, in fact, change our world. So, in a world that seems to run on so many things (money, greed, oil, power, and so forth), what would our world look like if it ran on love? This series will give real opportunities for you to love God and love neighbors in the hopes of a changed world, a changed community, and a changed you

October 11: The Distracted Life (Matthew 22:34-40)
The series begins with Jesus’ declaration that loving God and loving neighbor are the greatest
commands in all of Scripture, and explores one of the main reasons why we don’t live up to this
ideal: we are too distracted by the priorities and pressures of this world to focus on love.

October 25: Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher (Song of Songs 8:6-8)

The second week uses our expressions of human love as a starting point for understanding God’s
love for us and how we can show our love for God in return. When we experience God’s love for
us, it changes our love for God and for other people as well.

November 1: Loving Is Giving (Matthew 6:19-24)
Part three of this series looks at how loving God means loving with every part of ourselves and
all we have, including not just our “heart, soul, and mind,” but our time, energy, and money as

November 8 : Can We Really Change the World? (Mark 12:28-34)

The final week of the series challenges congregations to put their love into action by loving their
neighbors in bold ways. We may not solve world hunger by ourselves, but we are called to love
and serve the poor (and all people), because Jesus told us to—and it gives us a glimpse of the
Kingdom to come. Consider organizing a “Worship Without Walls” event in conjunction with
the conclusion of this series (see Sermon 4 on the flash drive for details).

Love Large ONLINE Small Group

(Oct 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5), Thursdays 10am to 11am

If you would like to join the small group, please email Rev. Motoe (revmotoe@sacjumc.com) – No book requirement

You can purchase Love Large Daily Devotion book for $8.99 on cokesbury (or amazon kindle)

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